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There are so many signs of poorly managed PPC campaigns, from incorrect pricing in ad text and sloppy use of keyword targeting, to even more expensive oversights such as missing action tracking and non existent landing pages.

The indicator that we’ve noticed in this instance is a result of something that should be every PPC account managers friend: The Search Query Report.

Used correctly, this report can identify useful negative keywords, highly profitable keywords (allowing you to isolate them and maximise their exposure) and generally help you to do an awesome job.

Used incorrectly, it can highlight poor account management and present a reason why you should be talking to the experts (that’s us by the way).

So without further delay, let me present our first line up!

2 Other Unique Queries

If you’re one of the above, then feel free to give us a call on 01525 715520 at this point…

If not, let’s continue the carnage….

This is a result of companies running search query reports in Adwords and bulk uploading the resulting keywords, some of which are of course ‘2 other unique queries’ as presented in the ‘keyword’ column of the report. This is why we are highligthing this as poor account management as it shows that this list has either been poorly qualified and interpreted or simply copied en masse.

Of course it’s not only ‘2 other unique queries’, what about 3 or 4?

3 Other Unique Queries


4 Other Unique Queries

Ok enough, the examples are endless. But what concerns us here is the size of some of these companies and the money they must be investing in paid search. With issues like this indicating lazy management, we’re pretty confident one of Receptional’s PPC health checks could help them save on wasted PPC spendmeeting our average saving of £0.34 in every £1.

If you are concerned about the management of your paid search campaigns and want to know how you can spend your budget more effectively, talk to one of the experts on 01525 715520.