10 traffic-driving link building methods you cannot ignore

Looking for more traffic and exposure for your website’s content?  You’ve come to the right place.  Let me guide you through 10 methods of how I effectively drive traffic to my clients and personal websites.  So whether you’re an ecommerce website, an affiliate blogger or someone who likes writing a diary online, the importance of link building and increasing your exposure remain the same.  And here’s a few tactics that will increase both of those for you:

1. Twitter

This isn’t a link in terms of helping you rank in Google, but when other ‘Twits’ are posting your link and/or retweeting your tweets which contain a link, then you’re exposing yourself to more than just those couple of people who follow you.

Becoming friends with other popular users, particularly those who are well-known in the same or a similar industry as you can be a really good way to drive more traffic to your website.  Simply drop them a direct message (DM), or if you know them personally, send an email or a text asking if they would be willing to Retweet your latest status.

It goes without saying not to pester them too often and frequently, but once every now and then, and to different users will improve your reach.

2. Facebook

Whether you’ve built a popular Facebook Fan page or not there’s always room for more traffic and likes.

One way to increase your traffic from Facebook outside your own profile or page, is to go further afield and comment on other fan pages and in groups.  It’s the same with anything on the web – if you can leave a worthwhile comment with a legitimate link in, people are going to be encouraged to click it.

Whether you’re publishing news, giving an opinion or answering a question, there’s potential to get traffic from other people’s Facebook pages and groups without annoying anyone.

3. Reddit

This one only really works if you’ve got something fun or fascinating to promote.  Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg etc. won’t get you many/any sales, but they’re an ideal location for link bait, as in  a platform to encourage attention back to your content and website

Consider what you write as the title of your article when submitting to Reddit as this is what the user clicks through to your website. Reddit can lead to a high level of traffic, and at the same time a high bounce rate; if the user likes your content they may hang around for more and/or share your article.

In an ideal world, you don’t want to be just publishing content from the same domain or two on your profile (it comes across as if you’re just posting your content to get visitors, and we didn’t just join Reddit to do this, did we?), so be sure to vary what goes up.  And publishing others’ content will only help further with your link karma.

4. Leaving Comments

Similar to leaving comments on Facebook, leaving blog comments on blogs, news articles and other article based sites is a good way to improve your traffic.

The BBC is a personal favourite of mine – they’ve supplied me with hundreds of visitors for the 1,000th+ comment left on one of their blogs (both myself and other users legitimately linking to my website).  Now I just need to be the first to comment and perhaps my site will buckle under the surge in visits.

Whatever your niche is, commenting on relevant websites and/or articles that you can include a link back to your website offers good exposure, especially when we’re talking about large websites such as the BBC.  Oh, and don’t use blog commenting for anchor text links – they’re not going to help you rank for anything competitive and you’ll just come across as a spammer and likely have your link removed (and the blogs that don’t remove your spammy links are probably the sites that don’t prevent links from Viagra, pornography and casino websites – do you want to be listed amongst them?).

5. Forum Contribution

With the number of social sites popping up over the last couple of years – Facebook, Twitter and now Google+, sometimes I struggle to find the hours in the day to keep them all up-to-date, let alone contribute to forums regularly.

But last week when a big topic popped up in my industry, I saw my website’s traffic shoot through the roof.  I thought it was because people had found an article I’d written via Google and I had a piece published on this topic a few months earlier.  Whilst that did provide a few clicks, the majority were coming from industry-related forums where users had published a link to my article.

There is a forum for anything out there.  And if there isn’t one for your industry you can always create one.  They’re as good a fanbase as any and people take the time to discuss that specific item, sometimes on a daily basis, so you’ll be in the company of specialists.  So why not join them and share what you have to offer?

6. Media Coverage

Not always the easiest thing to achieve, but if you can get into a newspaper or magazine you’ll likely receive a good number of visitors to your website – depending on how popular the article is of course.

It’s easier than ever to get in touch with journalists these days – Twitter is always a good starting point.  The Twitter hashtag #journorequest is worth checking out although isn’t of the highest quality these days. 

The website http://helpareporter.com is worth subscribing to, although is mainly USA-focused.  Help A Reporter helps businesses tell their story and promote their brand with (several) daily emails of top sites looking for content.

Help a Reporter brings nearly 30,000 reporters and bloggers, over 100,000 news sources and thousands of businesses together to tell their stories, promote their brands and sell their products and services.

7. Newsletters

Getting your link in someone else’s newsletter, particularly if they have a large number of subscribers can give you a large increase in traffic over a short period of time.

Start by subscribing to the newsletter(s) you want to be published in to give you an idea of the type of content they serve.  And check if they go out on a regular time and day of the week so you can prepare your website for any “24 hour offers” you may wish to give to that sharp increase of visitors to your site from someone else’s newsletter.

Create something that will complement both your and their business.  After all, for someone to want to publish your content with a link to your website, you’re going to need to provide something of value to them.

8. Link Reclamation

It’s possible that your website or product has been mentioned on a third party website but the user has not been generous enough to link back to you.

If that’s the case – get in touch with them to ask if they could hyperlink to your website.  If thes e are on recent articles, or evergreen pages there’s a chance of picking traffic up.  At worst, it will still be an improvement on your backlink profile.

Use these tools to find these opportunities:

  • Majestic SEO – Run an Advanced Report – checking the analysis options to include only “mentions” in the results.  This will show where your domain is being mentioned but not hyperlinked:
  • Google Search – A long-winded method, but searching for your brand or product name in Google and going through the results of pages that contain a mention to you but do not have an outbound link are worth contacting.
  • Google Image Search – Drop your brand logo into Google’s image search to find where your logo is currently being published.  Check these results to see if any aren’t linking back and work out if it’s possible to build a link from these pages.
  • Google Alerts – Set up Google Alerts for your brand and/or product so that you receive an email when you are mentioned around the web.  Catch any opportunities to build a link from the results.
  • Google Web Master Tools (WMT) – Use WMT to find broken links to your website.  Then you can use 301s to redirect these links to existing pages on your website.

9. Affiliates

Where possible, setting up an affiliate scheme for your product, providing you promote it sufficiently (and have a good enough offer) is a great way to bring traffic to your website via third party websites.

As well as your affiliates providing traffic to your website, their main aim is to send customers – potentially traffic and sales you would not otherwise have garnered but for setting up an affiliate scheme.

10. Guest Blogging

Saving one of my favourite methods until last. Guest blogging remains the most popular choice for marketers to build links in 2013 and the boom in 2012.

I wouldn’t recommend guest blogging for “the sake of building a link” and then stuffing in a keyword rich link.  Getting yourself a regular spot on a website with a large following will work better for you in the long run.  This will help build up your profile as regular readers will see you contributing on a regular basis and the more content out there the more chance someone will find your work. 

Also, from a link building point of view, you can link back to your website every now and then within the content when there’s something relevant to link to, and you can build up your Google+ Authorship and branding, both in the author profile that are more and more popular on websites these days.

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  1. Interesting tips re leaving links on the BBC site. Most news sites use Disqus for commenting which means it’s difficult to get a link back to your own site.

  2. I don’t think so if Mr. Matts proffered about Guest Blogging as I read some blogs from popular blogging site stating that Mr. Matts from Google Web Spam team wanting webmasters to no follow their links coming from Guest Blogs as it looks unnatural. I don’t even cite any sense about this Matts lines.

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