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In case you missed them first time round, here are 13 of the best, most popular and engaging articles from the last year on Receptional’s blog.


SEO Checklists

Over the course of the year we have audited heaps of clients’ websites. From small websites with fewer than a hundred pages to blue-chip organisations’ websites with several thousand pages, we’ve seen it all. We’ve used that experience to compile these three comprehensive SEO checklists:

1. The 24 point SEO checklist for website accessibility

2. Receptional’s SEO checklist for website usability

3. The website relevancy checklist



4. Google recently announced changes to the way it ranks the adverts it shows on its results pages. It increased the importance of ad extensions. So, we published The Complete Guide to AdWords Ad Extensions [Free PDF]

5. One question we’re often asked: Why is there a discrepancy between AdWords and Analytics conversion figures? We explained why in Google Adwords conversion tracking vs analytics conversion tracking

6. Sometimes, you’ll set up a fantastic AdWords campaign only to find that when you activate it, nothing happens. We help your troubleshooting in The Top 10 Reasons Why Your AdWords Ads Are Not Displaying!


On-page SEO

7. The days of boring, plain text organic search results are over. Today, savvy marketers use ‘rich snippet’ to enhance their website’s search results. They can increase the number of visits to your website by up to 30%! We show how to use them in Rich Snippets: Use them or lose visits!

8. Google makes more than 500 changes to its search algorithm every year. It’s important to keep up-to-date, so earlier in the year we highlighted 7 recent Google algorithm updates you may have missed


Link Building

9. In April 2012, Google rolled out one of its biggest algorithmic updates. Known as Google Penguin, this update hit websites where it hurts; in their rankings. Almost one year on, many websites hadn’t been able to recuperate. So we published Get ranking again: How to recover from Google Penguin

10. Google has continued to penalise sites for spammy link building. None of Receptional’s clients have been affected, but we’ve seen plenty of sites that have. So, we used our experience to write: 11 Link Schemes Google Hates And 11 Techniques To Replace Them

11. And, for those of you interested in building better links, we published: 6 Steps to Get the Best Link Prospects


Social Media

12. The past year has confirmed the importance of Google+. Many of readers remain unconvinced, so we put together: Make Google+ work for you


BrightonSEO conference round-up

13. If that’s not enough tips for you, there’s 198 more in our round-up of the BrightonSEO conference: 198 Tips, Tricks And Best Bits From BrightonSEO


2013 has been a great year for Receptional. We look forward to more exciting developments in 2014!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!