Everyone who’s anyone in the realm of digital marketing will know that blogger outreach has exploded in the last couple of years. More and more people are seeing the value of themselves being a blogger. Likewise, marketers have figured out that there is an advantage in utilising bloggers to boost their business’ content marketing strategy. However, with Google’s algorithm changing so frequently and unexpectedly who knows how long this craze will last?

Nevertheless, in the meantime, this article will focus on how to make the most out of this trend by exploring the type of bloggers to approach, how to contact them and the best ways to preserve that rapport.

reaching for the best bloggers

Image courtesy Julie Falk

1) Who To Contact?              

It makes sense, and undoubtedly makes the job less time consuming, to approach those bloggers who have something in common with the service or product you’re offering. For example, if you’re offering a travel service, contact travel bloggers and journalists who have their own websites. Or if it is a children’s toy you want to get reviewed, it would be best to contact the ‘mummy bloggers.’ With their experience and the help of the little ones, they will be able to provide a detailed review containing appropriate keywords, anchor texts and links.

The products or services that the blogger will be reviewing and the blogger’s own topic authority need to be related so that the anchor text and links are genuine. This will protect your blogger outreach efforts from ranking penalties.

2) Detecting The Value Of The Blogs

So, you’ve found a blog that you would like your service or product to get featured on, but is it a valuable blog? With the birth of Google Penguin, it has now become vital to link to the appropriate page. Also, the focus is now on the quality of the links as opposed to the quantity. To help with judging the value of links, it is highly recommended to use the tools and data provided by MajesticSEO. Their easy to understand Citation Flow and Trust Flow metrics are fantastic for this task.



3) Contacting The Bloggers

After finding that perfect blog to promote your business and get the all-important link from, it is now a matter of contacting them. Usually an email is sent and that is perfectly fine, but when a blogger with a good quality blog is approached every other day, how do you make sure that your email gets noticed, read and responded to? The recommendation to this would be to write a succinct and catchy headline that summarises the gist of the email. If it’s a book you want to get reviewed, write ‘Book Review Request’ or ‘Product Review Request’ (notice how the start of each word is capitalised? It makes the subject more eye catching).

In the email, let the bloggers know that you have taken the time out to read their blogs. Inform them which of their posts you have enjoyed reading and/if you like the choice of imagery, colour or style of writing they have used. Furthermore, tailor each email to each individual bloggers and make it specific to them. More importantly, use their actual name where possible.This shows that you respect their blog and would make them more open to your request..

Moreover, notify the bloggers of how they will benefit from working with you. Perhaps you have a large social media following or you are in contact with people who you could introduce to them so that more opportunities are opened for them? By doing so, the bloggers will feel encouraged and motivated to work with you.

4) Upholding The Relationship

It is not the end after you have received a link or exposure on their blog. Maintain that relationship by showing them appreciation for making the effort. This will make them feel valued and the next time you ask for another favour, they will not think twice in saying yes to you. Moreover, follow them on social media and feel free to comment on their posts. By doing so, it shows that you are actively taking an interest in them and that you have not ‘used and abused’ them solely for the value of a link.

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This post was written by Syeda Ferdush. Follow her on Twitter and say hi!