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As a link builder myself, Blogger Outreach is one of the strongest weapons in my arsenal.  When I’m looking for exposure, or to obtain links, reaching out to bloggers is often the most successful ways I go about it. 

Here are 5 tips how to find contacts for Blogger Outreach:

  1. Networking – Get out there; go to shows, industry events, meet with bloggers one-on-one, or even just Tweet them to begin with.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to network.  There is nothing wrong with aiming high and targeting the industry leaders.  At the same time, there’s no harm in networking with those lower down the scale.  At the end of the day, a link is a link and more exposure is good.
  2. People you know – Don’t overlook your friends, colleagues, former colleagues and such.  I like to say, what is a friend for if they don’t give you a link?
  3. People your contacts know – I co-organise a monthly blog club.  This helps me with my networking and Blogger Outreach a great deal.  At these events, I meet bloggers who are happy to put me in touch with bloggers in industries I’m looking for.  At the same time, I help connect bloggers with other bloggers.  We’re like one big family.  The people you have networked with are often happy to help expand your network and put you in touch with the right contacts.
  4. Search –What do we spend most of our time doing on Google?  No, it’s not socialising on Google+, it’s searching.  And Google’s not the only place.  Twitter and LinkedIn are just two more of many other great tools you can find bloggers to contact.
  5. Blog Comments– People who leave comments on your blog, or even your forum if you have one have shown an interest in your, or your product/whatever your blog is about.  For those who leave a website, these are another contact you expand your Blogger Outreach with.  And what’s more, they’ve made the initial contact so there’s a high chance they’ll respond when you make contact.