7 Twitter Tips Guaranteed to Grow your Following and Influence

Building a voice and persona on Twitter is one of the best ways to engage with industry influencers, meet new customers, get traffic back to your website and bridge the gap between your brand and the people who work within it. But remember – being active on Twitter isn’t a follower growth contest!  Becoming popular on Twitter is relative; the amount of followers you have doesn’t always amount to popularity. The real test of Twitter success lies in the amount of interactions you receive over the course of a week of Tweets – those interactions mean that you’re interesting, relevant and that people like what you have to say.  It’s the perfect social network to be ‘social’ on, show some personality and start some conversations. So, let’s get back to the basics.  Here are 7 quick wins that will help you to become more social with your social media strategy and persona – the speed of the results may shock you!

1.  Start following people regularly

I recommend that you follow ten new accounts a day.  Be selective about who you follow, don’t just follow those with millions of followers themselves, use the Twitter search function to find people who are relevant to your profession and to your personal interests.  If they Tweet regularly but all they ‘say’ are auto Tweets the chances are their account isn’t manned daily by someone who cares, so steer clear. The best people to follow are the ones you genuinely find interesting, funny or insightful and occasionally you’ll find an account with all three of those attributes, like me: sarah bradley on twitter  

2.  Retweet other users’ content

Retweeting is a compliment.  It shows that you find their content interesting enough to share with your followers.  Additionally it’s aesthetically pleasing to see a Twitter timeline that has some variation rather than just your Tweets with your face next to them over and over again. Use the Twitter search bar to find things to retweet.  Search for “shark diving” or “social media manager” whatever you’re interested in and you will find relevant things to retweet on a daily basis plus relevant people to connect with.  Here are a couple of people you could connect with who have retweeted content related to digital marketing, if that’s your bag: retweet others content Retweets are great for follower growth too as they offer a stronger signal to other Twitter users, more so than ‘Favouriting’ which has now become the equivalent to a Facebook ‘Like’. Aim to retweet at least once a day along with your own content for an interesting timeline filled with relevant, fun information.

3.  @Mention other accounts every day

I don’t just mean the generic ‘Thanks for following, @DavidCameron!’ style Tweets, I mean responding to Tweets directed at you, or about something you care about in a bid to start a conversation. Brands love an @Mention that doesn’t include a complaint, so you’re more likely to get a positive response or retweet if you simply engage with them on their level about their product.  Great brands on social media actively seek this kind of interaction with their customers.  Check out my mention from Ben & Jerry’s! start conversations on Twitter The fantastic thing about Twitter is that even users you may never have spoken to outside your business say some very interesting things so it’s always easy to find something to talk to them about.

4.  Use popular weekly hashtags such as:

#HappyMonday – spread some positivity into the world with a great image that you found on Pinterest or a picture of your team smiling and drinking their morning coffee.  You can also use these kinds of Tweets to encourage others to share their Happy Monday stories and watch your interaction levels rise. #ThrowbackThursday – Create an image based Tweet that relates to some of your work history, it could be the first day you started working at your current workplace or an achievement your business had, or could even be from your personal history such as your graduation.  Showing a bit of yourself to your followers makes you more human, more approachable and more interesting. #FF (follow Friday) – Still popular when used correctly.  Give your clients a shout out, or do a special shout out to a member of your team who has recently achieved something.  Steer clear of listing Twitter accounts with no information about why people should follow them.  Instead, choose one great account per week and give them a compliment!  For example:   #FF @ReceptionalGreg for his Friday training session on Biz Dev. Sorry about Chelsea losing though…#awk happy monday 

5.  Keep that Tweet frequency up

Aim to Tweet at least once or twice a day, once in the morning around 9am and once in the evening around 7pm.  The afternoons are fantastic for retweets and @Mention conversations, especially just after lunchtime!  Just don’t become a Twitter fiend: a clogged up timeline will result in followers dropping like flies.  No one likes a self-important tweeter! You can use your favourite social media tools to pre-schedule your updates for the week to save bundles of time.  I recommend scheduling weekly as Twitter is reactive so staying ahead of, or even on, the curve is essential to succeed on this network. Try for just two weeks to send out regular tweets and watch your interactions and followers grow!

6.  Sync with your business account

Anything your brand puts out, your personal account should retweet their updates to your account.  It sounds simple but you’d be surprised how many individuals forget to check the Twitter feeds of their business’ accounts. retweeting Feel free to interact with your brand on Twitter too!  It shows team unity and an invested interest in your work socially.

7.  Use images

Use images in some Tweets for greater impact and retweet levels. Take a look at Pinterest for high quality images that you can share via your other social networks – but make sure you give a shout out to the accounts you get them from.  Also, use pictures from work (with permissions, of course) and your day to day life.  Funny things happen every day, show people! use images on twitter  For social media training or help with your social media strategy, get in touch with our expert team today!   

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