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The Challenge

Receptional enjoyed a long relationship with Action Storage, a storage and shelving supplier for many years, offering a number of different online services.

In 2008, Action Storage developed a new website and as a result organic search visitors dropped considerably. From 2007 to 2008 organic search traffic had fallen 28% and towards the end of 2009 organic search traffic was down 43% from 2007 levels.

As a direct result of this falling traffic, in September 2009 Action Storage set Receptional a very clear brief – to bring organic search traffic volumes back up to the level experienced in 2007.


Our investigation uncovered various potential barriers to effective SEO in the development stage of the project.

Thorough site research found severe content duplication issues with thousands of unwanted URLs being generated by the new content management system (CMS) and subsequently indexed by search engines. With this in mind, Receptional formed a tailored approach to both eliminate the duplication problems hampering performance and optimise the remaining pages.

The Strategy

The SEO strategy to increase the prominence of in Google’s search results involved the development of sound search engine optimisation direction and strategies for the client and their web developers, leading on all organic search marketing initiatives and providing ongoing advice and consultancy.

Some of the core SEO techniques employed by Receptional included:

  • Detailed keyword research and analysis
  • Page title, heading, content and meta element optimisation
  • Information architecture optimisation
  • Removal of duplicate content
  • Technical CMS improvements for Action Storage’s web developers (eradicating future duplicate content issues)
  • Various link building strategies for priority keywords

The Results

In September 2010, 12 months after the start of the SEO campaign, monthly organic search visits to the website had increased 144% from September 2009. By March 2011, Action Storage were enjoying 206% more organic search visits than at the start of the campaign, as well a huge leap in conversions.

Action Storage Visits

The website continued to perform well and massively exceeded the primary target set out by the client in September 2009 – to bring organic search visitor numbers back to the level experienced in 2007 – not only did we achieve this objective, we excelled, increasing traffic 47% from the 2007 level:

Action Storage Unique Visitors
Year Year on year change Change from 2007
2008 Decrease 28% Decrease 28%
2009 Decrease 20% Decrease 43%
2010 increase110% increase 19%
2011 increase 23% increase 47%