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Key benefits

  • Increase your online sales
  • Pay for leads only, not clicks
  • High return on investment with performance based results
  • Lasting results & strictly ethical approach
  • Transparent & measurable results
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate usually compromises of two key groups, the Merchant and the Publisher. The Merchant is business that is looking to promote their product or service, whereas publishers are websites owners that advertise promote merchant products and services. This is done through various mediums such as:

  •  Text links from their website into any page on your website
  • Banner adverts on their site through to your site
  • Through any online advertising including Google Adwords, MSN and Yahoo marketing
  • Links in their email newsletters (subject to spam restrictions)
  • Giving out dedicated telephone numbers face-to-face
  • Links on Word documents
  • Through specific domain names designed to link directly to your site

However the prospect comes to your website or call-centre, it will be tracked as a lead from the relevant partner. If that lead is online, then the tracking is entirely automated. If to the call-centre then the call-centre staff can easily give the partner credit either though a web-based interface or through your own CRM systems.

Affiliate marketing is based on CPA pricing structures whereby affiliates are paid based on their performance i.e. how many sales, sign-up etc, they have produced. Many businesses are now opting for affiliate marketing ahead of older marketing channels such as direct mail and CPM advertising on high traffic sites. Paying for what you get is the simplest form of online advertising and a highly commercial method for increasing revenue. 

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Affiliate Networks or In-house programme?

The initial question that you have to ask is ‘do we use an affiliate network or set up an in-house programme’. Receptional will analyse your business and help you define a Merchant – partner relationship that suits your business and those of your partners. We analyze what other offerings are available to your potential partners on the Internet and can use this to help you define points of difference in your programme. Affiliate networks tend to differ from each other, as some networks are good for promoting certain businesses. With this in mind Receptional’s knowledge of major affiliate networks will help select the right partners and networks that generate valuable leads. There are cases when clients may not be applicable to affiliate networks and may be more suited to an in-house Affiliate programme. If this is the case receptional will guide and advise clients on how to fully implement such a programme. With our knowledge of software, promotion and partnership marketing, Receptional’s support and help ensures that your in-house programme is successfully implemented. 

How We Work With You

Since our inception we have pursued a strictly ethical approach, including conforming to network and merchant guidelines. Whilst we tailor our approach to your individual needs, the process typically includes:

  • Initial analysis of your current position and how affiliate marketing can be incorporated into your key business practices
  • Recommendations on which affiliate networks would work best for your product or service
  • Assistance with software, creative and link production/implementation
  • On-going support to ensure that a valuable relationship with affiliate marketing is established
  • Ongoing measurement of results via traffic analysis
  • Effective recruitment of affiliates and on-going promotions
  • Build a custom affiliate programme that is attractive for clients and publishers

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Our expert consultants

As a client of Receptional, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager with detailed experience of Affiliate Marketing and, where possible, your industry. They are on hand to answer any questions related to your affiliate campaigns, by telephone, email and (if you’re based in the UK) in person.

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Talk to one of our specialists

If you would like to discuss the potential for Affiliate Marketing to increase your visitor numbers and sales, and would like to talk to someone who understands Affiliate Marketing, and can discuss your requirements with you, you can get in touch via telephone on 01525 715520, via email to or using our online enquiry form. If you prefer to talk things over face to face, visitors are more than welcome at our Bedfordshire office, or we can even visit you.