Analytics becoming integral to internet marketing

Web analytics are becoming central to internet marketing, according to new research.

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has found that data-driven approaches are being increasingly employed by marketers to help understand net-savvy consumers, Channel News reports.

Changes in consumer behaviour are altering how marketers think about areas such as integration, branding, accountability and internal organisation.

For instance, branding is now increasingly tied to tangible results, such as lead generation, while the importance of accountability has made web analytics ever more essential.

Shifting the online marketing approach to online principles is essential for all campaigns, according to the report.

"The future of marketing looks brightest for those firms that learn how to position brands within integrated marketing efforts and measure the impact of these efforts," said Nigel Holloway of EIU.

"A fast increasing number of people don’t see a significant distinction between their digital and terrestrial lives", claimed Patrick Keane of Google’s field marketing unit. "Many marketers are quickly adapting to this new media landscape, shifting dollars and building teams to take advantage of the digital world."

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