On 17th October 2013, British Gas, the UK’s largest gas supplier announced prices rises of 10.4% for gas and 8.4% for electricity. Later the same afternoon, the firm’s customer service director Bert Pijls agreed to run a question and answer session on the @BritishGas Twitter account. The plan backfired when Twitter users hijacked the #AskBG hashtag to demonstrate their anger at the above-inflation price hikes. Here, for your pleasure, are some of the best Tweets.

Here’s British Gas’s invitation:


Sarcastic responses quickly followed:

British Gas attempted to respond soberly:


But Twitter users were soon in full flow and there was little the energy firm could do to respond effectively. Here are some of our favourites:





And, of course, the media industry were quick to offer advice. We felt this comment was particularly helpful:

And this Tweet summed up the whole story:

Of course, at this point, we could offer some sage social media advice. But, we’ll resist.

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