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Barrie is a very experienced marketer, with notable successful campaigns in the gambling, e-commerce, travel and many other industries.


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Over 100 Brilliant Tips and Insights From Brighton SEO September 2015

The Receptional team headed down to the seaside for another excellent Brighton SEO event. This September’s event was as big and as full as previous events, and as per usual, the topics were covered in-depth and varied, with many speakers focusing on current concerns in the search industry. Barrie attended the Data, Technical and Content Marketing sessions...

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11 Factors That Could Be Killing Your Rankings

Have you been sold the dream by an agency promising to rank your site in the number one placing in Google for all your money-making keywords, only to find they didn’t even get you onto page one? Perhaps you once ranked really well in Google but now find yourself struggling to hit the top spots...

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6 Must-Know Changes to Google’s Search Engine Results Pages

Google has made a number of important changes to how they rank and display results in their search engine results pages over the last six months. Some you might have heard about and others you might not. Either way, it’s important to know whether your site has suffered or benefitted from these changes. If your...

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68 Must-Know Tips from SEJ Summit London 2015

Search Engine Journal, in partnership with Search Metrics held their first event outside the USA on Tuesday 12 May with London, England the destination. Two lucky Receptionals were fortunate enough to be invited to the event at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho and we’ve brought back 68 tips from nine of the world’s top...

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84 Amazing Tips & Insights from the Content Marketing Show 2014

Receptional were present at the November 2014 Content Marketing Show in Brighton. This years speakers consisted of Mark Johnstone, Max Wilson, Emma Dunn, Hannah Warder, Mindy Gofton, Laura Crimmons, Stephen Masters, James Perrot, Tom Bailey, Nadia Barmada, Andy Parker, James Perrin, Jon Norris, Simon Willis (that’s in order of talks not any preference!), giving us...

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7 Proven Strategies to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

The first thing to do when you launch a new blog is to produce content.  You’ve been told that ‘content is king’ and as long as you produce ‘excellent pieces of content’ traffic will come.  Well, sorry, but attracting traffic is not that straightforward. A lack of traffic is one of the most common challenges...

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76 Tips from the Content Marketing Show 2014

Braving the sweltering heat, I managed to make it down to this year’s Content Marketing Show in London yesterday. For all of you who couldn’t attend, here are 76 of the best tips from the speakers. Stephen Waddington: Can a Brand Ever Truly Be Social? 1. The social media party: ‘Nice but dim’ social –...

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6 Things Matt Cutts Taught Us About Link Building before he went on Holiday

Matt Cutts recently announced on his blog that he will be taking an “extended break” from his role at Google for “a few months”. Cutts said he will be gone through to October. So between now and then, perhaps we can expect a lot of spam to dominate Google’s search results?  Only kidding. Matt will...

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5 Content Types That Always Get Links

How often have you heard the phrase “content is king”? I’m sure the majority of you just nodded your head. It’s a popular phrase that’s been around for a long time and looking at the Google Trends graph it has remained popular since it first broke onto the scene: Marketing is all about having a...

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Is Guest Blogging Dead? The Truth

Matt Cutts’ latest blog post titled ‘The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO’ stirred a number of reactions (426 comments on his blog post to be precise). And with an opening paragraph like this, you can understand why: “If you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should...

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