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Dixon Jones set up Receptional in 1999. As one of the founding fathers of the search engine marketing industry, Dixon regularly participates as a public speaker at major internet conferences around the world including SMX; SES and Pubcon.


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Chrome Store Optimization

Over the last few weeks, we have been helping with the launch of Majestic SEO’s new Chrome Extension. It took a few weeks, but it now seems that the extension is pretty prominent in the Chrome store. As I speak it is trending top of its class in the “Search Tools Extensions” category and ranks...

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Getting to Grips with Google Ripples

Have you not used Google Ripples yet? Any content that gets reshared or republished on Google+ starts a Google Ripple. Here’s the live Google Ripple for the subject of this post if you’ve never seen it. This post assumes you have and suggests some ways to interpret the information to turn Google Ripples into a...

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Bas van den Beld on What is Social Search?

Bas,  is a quiet hero of mine. He has built into a fantastic and reputable resource for our industry. He does not present all that often – so it was great to hear him keynote at the UK Search Awards conference today, where MajesticSEO and Receptional was also speaking as a category winner....

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Jack Menzel from Google+ talks about Personalized Search

Jack Menzel  is a Google’s Social Search product manager. I am at SMX West in San Jose, sponsoring the event with  and I managed to take some time out to hear him talk. He started by showing us the phrase “SMX”. He showed that whilst everyone in the room associated t with the conference,...

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Link Widgets in Action

If you can demonstrate that you have data that is of value, then link widgets definitely can help you in your marketing efforts. However, for the widget to start creating links for you without you having to touch each website owner individually, your content needs to be useful enough for people to track you down....

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Affiliate marketing in 2012

This week, I’ve been in Las Vegas representing Majestic SEO at PubCon, one of the world’s leading search and social media conferences. Whilst here, I have also been asked to re-look at a presentation on Affiliate Marketing I previously gave that proved to be popular with the community.   Receptional’s activity in affiliate marketing has,...

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SEO in a Social World

Simon Heseltine heads up SEO at AOL. That now that includes Huffington Post, which added lots of Social credibility to AOL’s search statistics. I caught up with him in Tampa, Florida, where he shared some social insight and how it affects organic search. Firstly, some headline AOL stats: 23% of social media messages include links...

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QR Codes

Free QR Code Offer Throughout September 2011, Receptional are giving newsletter subscribers and Facebook users free QR Codes which redirect users through to the home page of your company website. All you need to do is fill in the contact form telling us which website you want us to create a QR code for. (If...

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When is a Link not a Link?

Thanks to Olivia for putting together this infographic.   This rendering may be a bit squashed. Click on the graphic to see it in full size. Here is the link as to where you can read the full post explaining the infographic:

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Google Plus on Mobiles

Want to know what Google+ is and how it will work with mobiles? Want to know how you can use it for marketing? OK – let’s get started. Google Plus is a new initiative which is being heralded as a competitor to Facebook. Inspite of a Googler and Aaron Wall both inviting me, I am...

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