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James is Head of Link Building at Receptional. Shortlisted for Young Search Professional of the Year in 2013, directs link acquisition campaigns that deliver successful results for his clients. In his spare time, he likes to take his Children on nature walks. Follow James on Twitter for Link Building Updates or check out his website.


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6 Steps to Get the Best Link Prospects



If Content is King, don’t let your efforts go down the Porcelain Throne

Sometimes, the industry gets so wrapped up in the latest “craze” that something gets lost in translation. “Content is King” was one of those crazes. It was a nice little phrase that almost all of the Digital Marketing industry picked up on, and parroted like it was going out of fashion. Further to this, many...

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The Link Building Checklist

Link building might have become more challenging since Google’s crack down on link spam and manipulative tactics in April last year. But really, not a lot has changed for the seasoned link builder and it is worth stressing the fact that the best links come from the best sites. This has always been the case....

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Letting KPIs Dictate Your Objectives

You would be surprised how often off page teams operate without defining a clear objective, or even worse, work to the wrong objectives. If you’re able to sell the benefits of off page SEO, then you should already have an idea of some objectives you’d like to achieve by partaking in the activity in the...

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Over Powering the Penguin

On April 17th, 2012, a leading UK brand and new client of Receptional’s was hit with a link based penalty. Rankings for target keywords and their brand name dropped as many as 50 places in Google SERPs, which caused alarm bells to ring. Google Maps / Places were not affected in the same way, but...

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Movember Re-visited

Priory Academy, Dunstable prove that Moustaches are for everybody! Receptional are proud to have rewarded three children from The Priory Academy, Dunstable for their fund raising efforts. The School was featured in the news after parent Paul Hooker was told that his son Gus would not be allowed to grow a moustache for Movember, as...

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What has Captain Planet taught us about Digital Marketing?

[Image Source] 20 years ago, almost every kids TV show was designed for one purpose; to sell toys. Each episode, Transformers shifted their focus onto whichever character’s toys weren’t selling that week, driving that individual toy’s sales. The same was true for He Man, Action Force (GI JOE in the US), My Little Pony, Inhumanoids,...

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Receptional Now Sell Puppies

After the Nth phone call asking for Husky Puppies, we managed to ask the question “where did you get our number?” before Joe Public could hang up. “I don’t really know. I’m not sure even what I’m looking at…” replied the voice. This was a simple case of another member of the public getting confused,...

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