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Analytics Qualified. Liang has extensive digital marketing experience in both domestic and international SEO. His responsibilities included conducting keyword and competitor research, website information architecture, and conversion rate optimisation and testing.


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How We Increased A Client’s Conversions by 221% [Case Study]

Conversion Rate Optimization, otherwise known as CRO, is an incredibly efficient testing process that can enhance the performance of your website. If you’ve got a good level of traffic to your site but visitors simply aren’t biting, CRO can help you to identify conversion hurdles in your sales funnel. By optimising your web conversion rate...

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What are Digital Analytics?

Big data has been one of the hottest buzz words in the digital marketing space for the past few years. The evolution of cloud computing – infinite computing power connected through real-time communication networks – has made data collection more affordable. The explosion of connected devices – smart phones, tablets and other digitally connected devices...

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Android Kitkat 4.4 Brings Challenges to Local SEO and Call Tracking

The hottest news in town from the past 24 hours must be the launch of the latest Google device: the Nexus 5. And the much anticipated Android Katkit 4.4. As excited as any Nexus fans out there, I ordered one as soon as it became available in the  Google Play store. Reading through the feature...

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The landscape of local search: make sure you can be found

Local SEO: the importance of local search The landscape of local search: make sure you can be found Before it all began… How did we search for basic things before the internet? Nowadays we instinctively type in a search query to Google. But how did we used to find things? Slide 2: how did we...

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