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Analytics Qualified. Zoe-Lee is responsible for creating Receptional’s content strategies. Zoe-Lee’s work has encompassed everything from performing keyword research to re-writing a niche company’s entire website copy. She has created successful content marketing plans for clients from a variety of industries.


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Google Announcement: Google Adwords Enhanced Campaigns

We always look forward to these here at Receptional. It means that we are roused from the shackles of routine; we take up digital arms and face the beast head on with our heroic integrity, a power known only to digital marketers and consultants. Well, only the best in the business, just sayin’. Surprisingly this...

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So long non-descript filter: Google removes not selected from Webmaster Tools

A familiar route that you and your mouse would often take has disappeared. If you haven’t yet made this discovery as it was only verified late last week, I must warn that you will either be overcome with nostalgia for something previously taken for granted, or you will bid a fond good riddance to an...

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Distilled Event: Navigating the Search Landscape 2013

This was my first ever ‘techy’ event as an emerging SEO content writer. I’ve been told that my role is ‘the future of internet marketing’, an opinion echoed at Distilled’s event last night, so no pressure then, none what-so-ever. I only ask that those who are technologically endowed bear with me as I attempt to...

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Tumblr taps into its large audience: is this the next step in creative, social advertising?

Refreshingly Subtle Advertising I love Tumblr; I’ve been a happy blogger for the past two years. I was initially attracted to the blogging medium because I could gain access to some incredible artists and designers that I wouldn’t usually be able to track down on the internet. It also didn’t escape my notice that Tumblr...

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