B2B Social Networking Case Study

Who says social networking campaigns are better for B2C campaigns than B2B campaigns?

I have spent a long week at Search Engine Strategies creating interest in Receptional and also in our new announcement, MajesticSEO – which is the largest and most comprehensive map for link building on the Internet after Google. Since Google doesn’t share its data and Yahoo’s product potentially falling victim to the Microsoft search deal, Majestic is in a strong position to help define a new market in Link Intelligence. I’m sure I’ll be talking more about it over the next few years – but for now, I thought I would talk about how I prepared for the conference and the effect.

Having a story worth telling

If you want people you have known for years to talk about you, you need something worth saying. Ideally several things worth saying! I decided we could push three messages on the run up to the conference:

  • Announcing that Receptional was the exclusive worldwide marketing partner for Majestic followed by
  • Announcing an Enterprise level API followed by
  • Launching a new website

Having the largest link intelligence database in the world was – in itself – going to be of value, but very few people knew about Majestic in San Jose (even though the British seem a little more clued up). Many more in fact knew me as a person than Majestic as a brand. I gave, after all, been attending these conferences for the best part of a decade. So announcing on Twitter that I "Had a new job" on my personal "Dixon Jones" blog had the effect I hoped it would, with my search friends helping me to spread he message through retweets. We set the announcemnet to be actually released while I was on holiday – and backed it up with a press release in French and German over the subsequent 48 hours.

About 36 hours before the conference we made ou most important announcement for Majestic – the launch of their Enterprise level link API. This was made on the Majestic blog itself to better relate it to the brand. In truth, very few companies will be in a position to afford the API at this point – but several agencies and some very advanced web developers. However – many of those people would be the very people to have key people at the conference. The API – whilst out of reach of many – certainly is news in this marketplace.

The launch of the new website didn’t take place until day two of the conference. A little late in the day, perhaps, but certainly something that caught the eye of a few people who helped to spread the word for us.

The Results

It will be some years before I know whether the launch was right. It was what could be done in budget. But our first Tweet was clicked on about 300 times and then the URL was also changed and retweeted about 20 times generating more interest and reaching people in the industry who do not necessarily follow Receptional or Majestic directly. The second announcement was much more specialized, but still received nearly 200 posts and many more retweets. Same again with the site redesign. Within a very narrow and targeted market, we had created several bites of the cherry in a small period of time. Thousands of visitors. But more importantly, during the conference my feet didn’t touch the ground.

  • A major portal set up a conference call for me to talk to a VP next week
  • One of the largest Market Research companies are taking this back to the office
  • We have a tentative deal with a company looking to build cool new tools and interest in the same from several other well respected firms. these guys also have the ability to develpo our new and flrdgling marketplace.
  • We have a number of other agencies interested in the API for reporting purposes including two of the world’s largest.
  • I understand Aaron Wall mentioned our tools in his presentation and I used the tools to demonstrate ideas in mine.
  • Debra Mastaler – one of the world’s leading link experts called on me to stand up in the middle of her presentation in front of 300 people (Thanks Debra!)
  • Bill Hunt – who for several years helped IBM understand search opened a few doors.
  • And throughout this whole week, SEO conference attendees will have heard the phrase "MajesticSEO" alongside conversations about link building or mentions of Yahoo site explorer, helping the retail side of the business as seo experts hopefully review the new look MajesticSEO site.

All in all – I worked out that if all the solid leads turned into real business, they would provide a combined annual turnover half way to seven figures. Now I don’t pretend for a moment that all the leads will convert as expected…

… but it was probably worth preparing the ground before going to the conference wouldn’t you say?

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