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Some time ago Microsoft launched its ‘new’ search engine, Bing, in an admirable attempt to take back some of the colossal search engine market share currently held by Google.  

To support this goal they have recently launched a new, multi-million pound TV advertising campaign in the UK which will run extensively until June 2010.

Here’s the first Bing Video:

The essential message in the ad is Bing is clearer and delivers more relevant results than Google search.

Whether this is true or not is quite difficult to discern.  My feeling is that, on a general level, the answer is an entirely personal one. As has been discussed in the Receptional blog "Which search engine do you *really* like best?" search engine preference could be down to numerous factors excluding the results alone.  You can take the blind search engine testhere.

Bing and Decide

That is what makes the Bing campaign interesting, it’s promoting itself as providing better results (which is the core of search after all and which it may or may not do) while making no attempt to overcome what could be perceived as the bigger obstacles in Bing’s way. Namely that the majority of users are so familiar and comfortable with Google’s interface and sort of results that it’s as much a matter of breaking the cycle of people using Google as it is presenting them with a viable alternative.

From an online marketing point of view an increase in the usage of Bing would be welcome as a monopoly in any industry (such as the one Google currently has over search) is generally a bad thing. It ultimately limits people’s options because the lack of competition means that they have no choice but to search and in our case market Google’s way. I use Google as much as anyone else in the PPC and SEO industry (which is to say a lot) and I’ve never had any major issues with them but I would certainly welcome the presence of another good route to market for my clients.