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What happens when two of the world’s largest corporate powerhouses get together to take on Google, free content and change the whole way content is potentially distributed online?

Paying for Online Content

The answer is a possible collaboration between Bing and News Corp – the publishing arm of Rupert Murdoch’s empire whereby the content from News Corp’s sites would no longer appear in Google and only appear on Bing in exchange for no small fee.

There’s been a lot in the news regarding the idea of pay per view content as an option for online publishers to make money but in a marketplace where content is continually being reposted and has always been available for free is this in anyway a workable business idea?

It’s been a while since Microsoft dressed up their search platform, called and Bing and generated a mass of publicity but it hasn’t really made inroads into Google’s market share. Bing currently commands around 10% of search traffic in the U.S.A but how far can they/ will they go in their attempt to command more of the search market?

It’s not know whether the talks between Microsoft and News Corp. will come to anything but this seems to be an issue that won’t go away and could have dramatic repercussions on the way businesses operate online and the way that people use the internet.