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Microsoft has announced the expansion of their partnership with Facebook, whereby Bing will be providing a more personalised experience to the user. Microsoft will bring your Facebook friends into the search experience.

In the near future, Bing will be rolling out two new features, as follows:

Enhanced Results with Facebook Likes
Bing’s new feature called ‘Liked Results’ uses the Facebook ‘Like’ information to give you more personalised results.

Once this rolls out in the UK, you will be able to search for a great Italian restaurant in London and instead of your usual, related results; the top result will be the most popular Italian restaurant in London, as liked by your Facebook friends. Liked Results will not show up for every search query.

Facebook Profile Search
Bing claims that more than 4% of search engine queries are related to finding people. Therefore they have introduced the Facebook Profile Results. So if you’re looking for your long lost brother, Barrie Smith, traditional results give an online memorial site, a French photographer and an internet marketing blog. Are any of these your long lost brother? By bringing your Facebook friends into Bing, this enables you to narrow down your options to find the Barrie Smith that you’re looking for. Facebook Profile Search feature will only surface results for users who are 18 years of age or older upon their Facebook Profile.