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Don’t use Page Rank or Cost as indicators of quality when looking at running advertising campaigns across Blog sites. Our research now shows that these are two of the poorest indicators. How, then, should an advertising agency approach a Blog advertising campaign? What factors make good indicators as to the suitability of a Blog for your product or service? We set out to find out.

We set up a campaign of adverts running over 62 separate Blogs over a seven day period, generating nearly three million page-views and then plotted the common characteristics surrounding the click through rates.

We found that Google’s "Page Rank" and Cost are extremely BAD indicators of the quality of a campaign. In particular, if one was to use Google’s Page Rank as an indicator of quality, you would in fact have a worse return on your investment than if you had entirely run your campaign at random.

The best indicator appears to be the genre of content. Defining Blogs by genre could dramatically improve the quality of one’s campaign, although there remains further research to be done as to how best to categorize sites.

We also tested the following factors:

  • Overall CPC vs CTR
  • Adverts’ position on the Blog page
  • Comparison of creatives

The full report is available to download in PDF format from the link below. No registration is required.

Blog Advert Survey (PDF File)

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