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This certainly isn’t the most advanced topic I’ve ever discussed, but it is a grey area to many out there who are new to link building or don’t have an in-depth understanding of it. I thought I’d take a few minutes to share my opinions on how commenting on other people’s blogs won’t directly build you any good links.


More often than not, blog comments are nofollowed which prevents you from receiving any link juice. For someone looking to build links via blog comments, they should make sure the blogs they are commenting on aren’t nofollow before they waste their time making comments on them.

Blogs that do not nofollow comments will usually pass on minimal value. With several links higher up on the page than yours as the 23rd comment combined with search engines not paying much attention to comments your link likely to be worth almost nothing.

Attracting Visitors

Including your URL within the blog comment can be useful for attracting other visitors who read the same article to your site. This is the main success blog commenter’s have, but they haven’t commented for the sake of a link. They’re doing it from the point of view to get traffic.

This I can agree with, but as I’m here to discuss link building I won’t go into much detail regarding reputation building here. From a link building point of view, blog commenting is at the low end of the scale. I would highly recommend you use other methods before you resort to blog commenting for the sake of building links.

Link Building Strategies

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