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British and French consumers are the most susceptible to online marketing and advertising according to a new pan-European survey.

The 13th edition of the NetObserver Europe report found that 55.6 per cent of French web users and 35.1 per cent of their British counterparts had taken part in online competitions organised by a brand or an e-commerce site.

At the other end of the scale German internet users were least likely to respond to online advertising, although they were most likely to pay for services or buy online.

The survey found that Germans were the most enthusiastic European users of auction website with 37.5 per cent admitting to having bought something at auction in the last month.

Spanish internet users are Europe’s quickest to embrace new internet technologies, perhaps because the market is dominated by young users. The report said that 63.8 per cent responding to online ads for such services.

The survey sampled 170,0000 internet users in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.