Building Links Your Competitors Cannot Build

While most link builders want to find the quick and easy solutions to attain links to their website, or their client’s website, they should be informed that those links will only take them so far.

With tools such as Majestic SEO and Yahoo Site Explorer around, it’s not difficult for one of your competitors to plug in your domain, download all of your links into a spreadsheet and replicate them, if you’ve only been building the easy links.

It is the links that your competitors cannot get that help you stand out, and help you rank above them. The ones generally considered harder to get, or as I prefer to look at it, the ones that are the cream of the crop. Here are a couple of ideas I have to get you those links:

Relationship Building

Something that goes far beyond a few blog comments, adding as a friend on Facebook or the odd ReTweet. Meeting people in person; taking the time and efforts to make a personal connection with people to secure a link is worth the effort. Sure, it takes time, but do you want more links or better links? Do you want to easy-to-get links or links your competitors cannot, or will at least struggle to gain? Put in the effort to create relationships and you will be rewarded.

From my own personal experience, after many months, I finally persuaded Dixon Jones to link to my own website from his PR5 homepage. And believe me; it took a lot of effort and persuasion. Now I am reaping the rewards of such a good link that none of my competitors will ever get! I’m currently in the process of building relationships with website owners in the same industry as me with the hope that some of these will link to me (I’ll be sure to give them a hint… or two!), while also making great new friends along the way!

Manufacturers/Business Partners

Work in retail? Pretty much every business uses a manufacturer of some sort. Contact your manufacturers and retailers a like to see if they will consider linking to your website. This is easier done with business partners, and they too are another great source of links in places your competitors cannot get. Provided they too are not business partners with the same company! Leveraging business relationships in your industry brings in fantastic link opportunities.

Recently I negotiated a deal for my own website whereby I write articles on a similar, but not a competitor website and vice versa. Therefore, we both receive regular and relevant links from one-another’s website. I was so good with my negotiations that I have freedom over which anchor text I use in each of the articles I write, giving me the power to target more than just my brand name or one specific keyword.


The easiest and obvious place to start building links in within your own company. It’s helpful when you’re an internet marketing company and have passionate employees, who not only blog on the company website, but have their own sites too. It helps more so when one of your MD’s is Dixon Jones and is popular on the internet marketing circuit. His website has built up several links over the years, through great content and through Dixon building links through relationships also. That links back to Receptional :) Other colleagues who maintain a website have also been generous in linking back to us. A great place to start if you’re as fortunate as us and have a number of colleagues who have their own websites.

Have you got any ideas to bring forward to the table? What do you have to share? See you down the conferences for some link-relationship-building later this month!

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  2. I noticed many sites adding rel=”external nofollow” to their outgoing links – what’s the use of ‘external’ in that matter?

  3. The rel-attribute ‘external’ was and is useless. It does nothing to Google or other systems i know about. Just have a look at the Domain, IP, whatever – and there you have it ‘’ uh that’s external!

  4. I think one of the causes of rel external is some javascript libraries look for that attribute to do (bad!) things like openeing external links in new windows. I’m not aware of any suggested search impact, and, as suggested, there is none in any case. See this javascript example:

    Myself, I would just use a CSS class rather than muddy the waters with rel!

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