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Project background:

Moneycorp first contacted Receptional in 2003, having been referred to us by Overture. Though the initial enquiry was about Pay Per Click services, over time Receptional has provided Moneycorp with broader internet marketing services which have included SEO and Usability. Moneycorp’s online performance has continually gone from strength to strength in a highly competitive market. The PPC improvements for Moneycorp have been so good, in fact, that Google published an article about the work we did!

The Problem: PPC

Moneycorp’s existing PPC wasn’t delivering cost effective results for them. When Receptional’s team looked at the campaign they identified a number of key issues:

  • Over-reliance on generic terms: these were expensive and with less chance of conversion
  • Poor quality landing pages, again significantly reducing the likelihood of converting into business
  • Inadequate tracking meant that the existing campaigns could not be properly measured and monitored

The Solution: PPC

Receptional tackled the various issues by:

  • Implementing comprehensive real-time tracking
  • Undertaking a more targeted keyword analysis
  • Helping to create improved landing pages

The Results: PPC

Conversion increases and CPA improvements have been impressive, particularly in a market associated with high online costs and difficult returns:

  • Overall conversions doubled
  • New trading accounts increased by 200%
  • CPA reduced by 60%

The Problem: SEO

Moneycorp’s site had some fundamental issues when Receptional began working with them. As a result, it wasn’t performing for natural search.

The Solution: SEO

Receptional’s consultants modified site architecture and undertook comprehensive optimisation of on-page content and coding.

The Results: SEO

The upturn in natural search traffic was impressive!:

  • Natural search traffic increased by 900%
  • New trading accounts set up via natural search have tripled

In such a competitive market, results like these speak volumes!

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