Collecting Leads with LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature designed to help advertisers collect leads with their LinkedIn ads. The feature, which is currently only available to selected advertisers on a test basis, enables advertisers to collect leads with campaign and contact leads directly on LinkedIn.

For those of you out there already using LinkedIn PPC ads, you can switch this feature on by selecting the relevant campaign for lead collection (or by creating a new campaign) and then selecting the ‘edit’ button next to ‘Collect Leads’. You can then select the ‘Yes – You will be allowed to directly contact leads through LinkedIn’ radio button to enable this feature.

LinkedIn Campaign Settings & Preferences

Once you have made and saved the changes, LinkedIn members who then click on your ad are taken to your landing page with a single-click option to request contact, as shown in the screenshot below.

The LinkedIn Lead Collection Bar

Profiles of members who choose to be contacted will be shown in your Ads account under the ‘Leads’ tab. We are then able to send a free follow-up message to these people on LinkedIn.

This is an interesting development and worth a test or two, especially considering there is no extra cost beyond the cost of the click.

Matt Loughlin

Matthew heads up Receptional’s paid search team. He has been with Receptional since early 2008 and is a shareholder in the business. Matt has worked on hundreds of paid search campaigns. He has experience of large-scale clients (spends in excess of £100k/month) in markets such as travel, retail, finance and gaming. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

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