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You can be forgiven for not noticing that Receptional’s website changed yesterday. It uses the same look and feel and the same content. However, what we have now is the result of several months of agonizing over apparently minor details to the untrained eye. Why?

Receptional’s site has now changed from an ostensibly static experience to one that will be changing and growing – evolving if you will – day by day. We have handed over control of the content to the very people that need it. So our Website Optimizer specialist has control over the conversion optimizer content and a PPC specialist can manage the PPC specialist content.

We have – in the process – dramatically changed the balance of “power”. At Receptional, we decided at the end of last year to really develop Internet Marketing specialisms – with each person taking on responsibility not only for carrying out specialist campaign like social networking but also defining the value propostion for clients and delveloping every element of the sales process.

Taking that decision set us on a very different path form a management perspective. If you give members of the team a responsibility for developing an area of your business, you also need to give them the means to carry out their responsibilities. With the new site launch, all branding remains the same and all improtant bookmarks and old links should still resolve and soon be updated by Google. But now – in addition:

  • Each person in the company can maintain their own profile – so you can find your account manager with ease
  • Each person in the company can update their specialism pages and add sections, allowing them to react to changes in search engine policies and technologies as soon as they occur. This will shorten the lead time between a new technology being available on the Internet and Receptional’s ability to bring the benefits to our clients
  • Each person controls their own blog. Here individuals within the company can express their views in a personal manner whilst remaining under the Receptional family umbrella
  • Each person can write articles for the site’s newsroom – offering a more structured way to deliver information to you on what is happening in the world of Internet Marketing rather than waiting on a single person to publish articles in the newsroom.

We hope that as we move forward, our clients and visitors find the information up to date, logically structured and easy to find.

We believe that this approach should be the future for businesses and have worked hard on the underlying technology, Drupal, to be able to replicate this strategy for others that might want to follow our lead. If you are thinking of converting a static site (or a content managed site designed for a single person to update and manage) into one where all your team can be involved, please contact us.