Digital marketing: what’s working?

Digital marketing: what’s working?
It’s been over a year since I took over as managing director at Receptional. In that time, we’ve made several changes to the way we work and how we promote our clients’ websites. I thought you might be interested to learn which tactics have had the most success during that time – along with suggestions for further reading.

Paid search

Over the past 18 months paid search has changed as much as at any time during its history. It’s no longer possible to set up a simple paid search campaign, there’s really no such thing. Not if you’re interested in keeping costs low. For instance, Google recently announced that it is rewarding advertisers that use ad extensions. In other words, ads that include extra information that encourage users to click on the listing – like this one, which contains links to pages on the Presents for Men website, so that searchers can quickly find the information they’re looking for: Presents for Men AdWords Listing Ad extensions are crucial to success in PPC (Pay Per Click), but they add a level of complexity that didn’t exist before. We explain all the different types of extension in our free 20-page PDF: The Complete Guide to AdWords Extensions.

Call tracking

Another tactic that is working well in our PPC campaigns is call tracking. In case you haven’t yet tried it, call tracking software (we work with Mediahawk) allows us to track the source of all the inbound calls clients receive. We are then able to see which campaigns generate the most business. We explain the process and its benefits in greater detail in How Receptional Used Call Tracking to Reduce a Client’s CPC by 72% Call tracking

SEO and link building

Google’s Head of Web Spam, Matt Cutts, recently announced that Google isn’t using social media metrics as part of its search algorithm. In other words, links are still the key factor in determining your site’s positions in Google’s results. Our link building team has had a fantastic year, we’ve doubled organic traffic for several clients. If you’re new to link building it’s worth checking out our starter guide: 10 Sure-fire Content Ideas That Will Make Your Site A Link Magnet One of the reasons our clients are shooting up the rankings is that we are seeing a steady stream of competitors’ sites hit by Google penalties of one sort or another. If your site has been hit, we’ve outlined some expert tips in How to Remove a Google Manual Penalty Quickly. Elsewhere, we’ve written about the changing nature of link building. It’s worth checking out: Is Guest Blogging Dead? The Truth and 19 Things Matt Cutts Said in 2013 That Changed the Way We Build Links

Conversion testing

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is an incredibly efficient way of improving the performance of your website. Over the past year, we have run CRO campaigns for a number of clients, helping to improve the conversion rates on their sites. If you’ve got a good level of traffic but visitors aren’t biting – or not often enough – CRO can help you to identify and overcome any obstacles in your sales funnel. By optimising your web conversion rate you can get more people to take action without  having to spend money on attracting more visits to your website. Earlier in the year, we published a case study that explained How We Increased A Client’s Conversions by 221%

Social media

Almost everyone we speak with is aware that social media is increasingly important to online success. Nowadays, great customer service – and improving customer loyalty – rely on an active social media presence. This sounds simple. Yet, in practice, a sound social media strategy requires time, resources and expertise. One of our clients, Supplement Central, doesn’t have a website. Yet, we were able to use social media to increase footfall and sales at its store. It’s also worth checking out: Advanced Search Operators: How to Mine Twitter for Valuable Business Leads and 3 Deadly Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes When Tweeting: Twitter mistakes

New clients

In the past month, we’ve taken on several new clients, including the wonderful team at the Ramblers, some old friends at French design company Hu2, as well as two London-based firms – Project Packaging, who create fantastic bespoke packaging, and Simoney Badges. We are looking forward to getting to know them better over the coming months.

Get in touch

If you’d like to discuss any of the tactics I’ve mentioned, we’re always happy to talk, so please get in touch.  
Justin Deaville

Justin is Managing Director at and was previously chief executive officer (CEO) at With 20 years marketing experience, Justin has worked with a variety of the UK’s leading brands. These include the Ramblers, the UK Foreign Office, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, the National Farmers Union, Ernst & Young, and many others.

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