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Display Advertising via Google’s Display Network is a great way to reach over 80% of internet users and with the help of the highly experienced team at Receptional you can ensure your budget is being used efficiently, targeting quality traffic and delivering a positive ROI.

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What is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising on the Google Display Network is an effective way to reach over 80% of all internet users with text, image or video advertisements. The Network consists of hundreds of thousands of websites that have partnered with Google to offer advertising opportunities via the Google Adwords platform.


The benefits of Display Advertising

  • You will only pay when a user clicks on your advert, all other exposure is free!

  • You will have the opportunity to get your message out there in front of millions of people! And with our highly experienced paid search team in control we will ensure the right people are seeing your adverts on the right websites.

  • The opportunity to reach your target audience earlier in the buying process and enter their consideration set for the future when they are ready to buy.display advertising
  • If you already have paid search campaigns running, or even if not, Display Advertising is a great way to reinforce your brand message. We often see an increase in searches for brand keywords shortly after launching display campaigns and believe them to be an integral part to any integrated online marketing strategy. 

A recent study by Shomei (2010) highlighted the power of combining search advertising with display advertising.  Their research identified a 55% uplift in conversions for users that had been exposed to display advertising!

display advertising uplift


Targeting Options

There are a number of targeting options within the Display Network platform that allow us to reach the right audiences with your adverts. We are able to target users by age, gender, language and location and can even exclude specific websites from showing your adverts! Some of the Display strategies we could use are outlined below:

  • Contextual targeting – This strategy can be used to match your adverts with webpages across the Display Network that are highly relevant to your selected keywords.

  • Placement Targeting – If you just want your adverts to appear on a handful of specific websites we can do this too!

  • Interest Category Targeting – Google gathers data to organise users into different categories based on the types of websites they visit. We are then able to target adverts on the Display Network towards users in relevant categories. Categories include travel, finance, entertainment, fitness and clothing to name just a few!

  • Demographic Bidding- This can be used to target your adverts towards users of a particular age group, gender or a combination of the two.  Bids can be raised to maximise exposure to your chosen demographic and if a particular age group or gender is unlikely to be interested in your product/service they can easily be excluded from seeing your adverts.

  • Remarketing– This is a more complex way of targeting users that have visited your website by advertising a specific message to them on the Display Network. You can read more about Remarketing here.

To find out how Display Advertising could work for you please contact the PPC team at Receptional and request your FREE Display Network Media Plan.

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