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DoAt launched at Tech Crunch Disrupt in May and thanks to their unique take on search and mobile apps, they were selected by the judges to be a finalist. In addition to this, they managed to remain competitive by being one of the first few apps to embrace Google+.

The newest version of their iPhone app went live today, it allows sharing of content from within their app to Google+. The question is though how is this possible as Google has not exposed API’s for people to mess around with? DoAT is cleverly using the mobile web version of Google+ for the sharing.

So how does it work?

Find a page you want to share, hit the G+ icon and a web browser will open within the DoAT app and the name of the page you’re sharing plus a link will automatically be inserted. However, it also shows that it’s being shared from the iPhone via DoAT — which is a great way of advertising the app.

The social area of DoAT now also includes Google+ as the 2nd option, just after Facebook.

This G+ share button within DoAT is probably the first from iPhone apps. Although, it is likely that others are attempting to do the same thing given how popular G+ is.

The new version of DoAT comes with some further interface enhancements as wellmaking it easier to get started.