[eBook Download] An In-depth Guide To SEO Accessibility

[eBook Download] An In-depth Guide To SEO Accessibility
Here at Receptional we love creating inspiring digital marketing campaigns for our clients. But before we start doing the exciting stuff, however, we make sure our clients’ websites are technically sound and can be accessed via Google’s search results. Otherwise all our hard work might be in vain. When we’re checking a site’s SEO performance, we’ll always check how accessible it is. Because if Google can’t find your content, it means humans can’t find your content either – and after all, you want humans to be able to  find the services and products that you provide!

What exactly do we mean by SEO accessibility?

SEO Accessibility Guide PDF SEO Accessibility isn’t simply an analysis of whether Google’s crawlers can access your site. There are many other accessibility factors – such as redirects, sitemaps and internal linking structures – that you might not have considered. That’s why we’ve created a new PDF guide -> SEO Essentials: Accessibility This free, 22 page guide is easy to follow and will help you to understand where your site is under-performing. Download our free guide below to find out how we can help you to can increase the accessibility and visibility of your website’s content. Download the PDF
Zoe-Lee Skelton

Zoe-Lee is responsible for creating Receptional’s content strategies. Zoe-Lee’s work has encompassed everything from performing keyword research to re-writing a niche company’s entire website copy. She has created successful content marketing plans for clients from a variety of industries. Zoe-Lee is Google Analytics Qualified.

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