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Google’s search results are going social

Beginning it’s rollout across the world yesterday as we predicted, Google has finally launched the integration of its social media site into search results.

The update to the world’s largest search engine, aptly named “Search, plus your world”, will incorporate pages that a user’s friends have liked, or content they have uploaded to the web, and bring those results into search results, providing the user with a web tailored to them.

For the user this has positive and negative possibilities, and it’s either going to help you find a much more personalised web, or countless pictures of animated cats doing stupid things.

Evil kitten

What does this mean for brands?

Engaging with the most influential people in your space has always had the power to help market your business to a much wider audience – even before the invention of the web. Social media has just made it a little easier for brands to reach those influencers, and you have a greater chance of your marketing message being shared and passed on to a much larger audience.

Ensuring the most influential people are interacting with your content and brand online is going to be key to ensuring you continue to appear high in the search rankings in this new age of the social web.

Brands must make it easier for consumers to share their content online. This not only includes the technical side of things – that is the addition of “Tweet this” and “+1 this” buttons  next to your content, but it also means producing great content. Even the most loyal of brand advocates will struggle to recommend your content if it’s not going to benefit their followers or friends in any way.

At Receptional, we’re already helping our clients gain insight into their marketplace through social media monitoring, tracking conversations in their field and through research, calculating who the most influential people online are in their industry.

If you would like to know more about how Google’s search changes will affect SEO, and your brand’s positioning, keep an eye on our blog. In the meantime, give us a call on +44 1525 715520, or email me (, and we can discuss how social media marketing can benefit your brand online!