Explosive growth in e-commerce on track, says web marketing firm

The explosive growth in e-commerce predicted last year by online marketing and advertising firm Leadpile is on track, the company has claimed.

Leadpile said in 2005 that it expected the next-generation of internet users to push e-commerce sales over $1 trillion by 2012 and a year on it is standing by its prediction.

With sales in the US alone likely to top $100 billion by the end of 2006, Leadpile claims that when it comes to web marketing "you haven’t seen anything yet".

Companies focusing their online advertising on an aging population are missing out younger internet users, which Leadpile refers to as "super-internet consumers" or Super Kids in Digital Space (Skids).

"Leadpile believes that the biggest impact on our world and our culture will come from the ‘Skids,’ who will help change the entire way we currently think about the internet, wireless devices and our future," according to a company statement.

Leadpile describes itself as the world’s largest online lead marketplace.

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