Facebook Buys Friendfeed in an attempt to take on Google and Twitter

It has been announced yesterday that the largest social network in the world, Facebook.com has bought the growing social media start-up FriendFeed.

Friend feed has much been attributed as the idea behind a lot of Facbook’s new functionality and will offer Facebook the opportunity to work with some of Google’s Ex-engineers who will be giving the social network the prospect to take on the superpower of Google Search.

How will they do this you may ask? Well FriendFeed has long been coined as one of the forerunners in live, real time search. This is something that other social media platforms such as Twitter have imitated and created in their own ‘twitter search’ function and something that Facebook is very keen to make a big impact in as this is said to be the future for search on the internet.

Marc Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook said,

            "As this shows, our culture continues to make Facebook a place where the best engineers come to build things quickly that lots of people will use,"

So rather than Facebook taking the ideas of these people to create their applications and features in Facebook, they will not be able to use these minds to implement firsthand the functionality which has seen FriendFeed stand out from the crowd.

Mashable’s associate editor Ben Parr spoke to BBC news about the deal and said,

            "With this acquisition, Facebook is gunning directly not only at Twitter, but at Google. This is a warning shot to those two companies,"

As friendsfeed is renowned for having dominant and intelligent technology which allows users to combine and amass everything they do online in real time. This powerful function much surpasses the real time search function at Twitter which will only go back a couple of days.

With Friendfeed having links to 60 or so companies in the social media market such as delicious, Netvibes and Linkedin the opportunities to work with competitors indirectly will be a very potent resource for the ever powerful Facebook.    

Back in May this year Larry Page, founder of Google admitted that the search leader Google had ‘fallen behind other services like that of Twitter’, and it has been reported from well renowned blogger Robert Scoble that "Google is the king of regular search. FriendFeed is the king of real-time search."

For the most part Google is still leading the way when it comes to Search, but Facebook’s intelligent purchase of key competitors in the market will only be making Google nervous at the increased functionality of real time search, which up until now had little opportunity to become a viable competitor to the King of search Google. I think it will be an interesting next couple of months in the search marketing field, and I can’t wait to see what will happen with the Friendfeed and Facebook merger!

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