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Facebook has introduced an instant messaging service for mobile phones, similar to BlackBerry Messenger.

The app will work for both iPhone and Android devices and allows consumers to get in touch with a group of people or individual friends.

There is speculation about why it is being released now, some believe it is because Apple is due to launch a similar product about a month later.

However, there is a question of whether this is the best time to release the product given the recent use of mobile messaging and instant messaging in the London riot attacks.

It is only available in the U.S currently but it is likely to be launched in other countries eventually.

Of course on Facebook you can send messages through the website itself and on the Facebook app already.

What’s different about this app to Blackberry messenger?

Well the new app has the added option of being able to send directly to a mobile phone via SMS and includes location information.

Another question to consider is when will Google+ be adding a messaging service to their portfolio of products?

The advantage of the new Facebook service is that it will able to be used on multiple platforms (Blackberry, iPhone and Android).