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Facebook has announced major changes to how users control their privacy on the site.

One of the most noticeable changes includes items being posted online will each have their own share settings to determine who can see them.

The social network has previously been criticised for burying privacy settings.

These changes mean that when users are tagged in a post, such as a photograph or video, they will have the option to confirm or remove their identity before it appears on their profile.

I live in hope this will prevent the likes of Nick Andrews from cyberbullying me.


Additional changes:

In line controls – Each item on a user’s wall has its own privacy options; such as public, custom and friends.

Tag takedown – Allows users to remove tags of one self, ask a tagger to remove it, or even block them from being able to tag you.

Universal tagging – The option to tag anyone, not just your Facebook friends. Once again, the other user can choose not to accept the tagged post on their profile.

Location tagging – Geographic locations can be added in all versions of Facebook and not just mobile app.

Profile view – The user can now see how others view your profile above the news feed

These new privacy options will begin to be rolled out across the site from Thursday 25 August.