For many years law firms have been notoriously bad at marketing themselves. All too often, solicitors have relied on word of mouth to generate new business. Yet, in recent years, the legal sector has been deregulated and is becoming increasingly commercial. Nowadays, legal marketers want to know – need to know – how effective their marketing efforts are.

Call tracking firm, Mediahawk, has published a new PDF: The Legal Marketers Guide to Analytics. You can download a copy for free, but before you do, here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get.

Mediahawk’s 12-page PDF is a compact guide. Regardless of whether you work in the legal sector, it will explain:

  • which metrics you need to track;
  • what tools you need; and
  • proven steps you can use to act upon the information you find.

Using a real-life example, the guide shows how one legal firm has successfully diversified its marketing efforts. The company runs structured marketing campaigns to develop new business – of course, it still gets word of mouth referrals, but the firm is also attracting calls, emails and enquiries from its other marketing activities.

How many inbound leads did your website attract last month? Which of your marketing activities generated those leads? If you’re unsure, then you should download The Legal Marketers Guide to Analytics today. Simply visit: