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In light of the economic downturn Receptional have decided to offer free setup on all new PPC accounts with a minimum commitment of only 6 months, saving you around £1,400 in setup fees alone! This includes setup on all THREE of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN- now Bing) and also includes the setup of analytics tracking to ensure you are getting the most from your PPC campaigns (if you don’t currently have an adequate tracking system).

Why? The answer is simple! We’re all aware that advertising budgets and costs are being cut in light of the current economic turmoil, meaning that more scrutiny than ever before is being placed on advertising budgets and costs and to be frank- we want to help! Good, well-run advertising campaigns should be viewed as an investment- not a cost, so where better to invest your advertising budget than in online marketing where you can get the greatest degree of transparency in your marketing efforts. With PPC advertising you can track every pound & penny spent and earned, using your budget efficiently and effectively to target your chosen market.

So, why not see why so many businesses are taking advantage of PPC advertising and utilising online marketing to maximise the returns from their advertising budgets? Receptional have been doing this for over 9 years and work closely with the main search engines, allowing us to make full use of all the tactics available to deliver you the very best results. We are a Google AdWords Qualified Company, a member of Microsoft’s AdExcellence program and an Overture Accredited SEM. All of our pay per click consultants are Google AdWords professionals and working along with our campaign team will devise a strategy and create campaigns that will maximise your ROI and generate high quality, cost effective sales/ leads for your business.

We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency and work closely with our clients to make sure your pay per click campaigns reflect the overall goals, objectives & ethos of your business. We have experience in dealing with PPC accounts for both B2B and B2C businesses of all industries and verticals, so why not take full advantage of this limited time offer and contact us today on 01525 715520 to discuss your requirements and see what the Receptional team can do for you and your advertising budget?

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