Google & open-source Native Client technology

The goal is to accelerate & enhance web applications and this will, eventually, be built into Google’s browser Chrome.

Native Client, called NaCl for short, prime purpose is to attain the speed of regular ‘native’ software installed on a computer rather than the much slower JavaScript environment that sophisticated websites use today. This is one branch of Google’s multi-pronged approach to push web progress from a mass of relatively static sites into a collection of much more powerful and fast sites.

The underlying problem of NaCl has been security. But the rewards for integrating NaCl is a web packed with sites far more powerful and spectacular than surfers are currently used to. With all Google’s successes it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see them change the face of the web once again and further empower sites and users in the process.

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  1. IMO Google are not really helping the battle to get some kind of consistency across multiple browsers – just as Internet Explorer starts to fall into line, Google seemingly want to push their own version of java/flash/silverlight.

    Maybe this is about Google wanting to make websites much better – or perhaps it’s about them wanting underlying technologies that they control. I guess we’ll need to wait and see if there is any advantage in their approach that means other browser manufacturers will have to (once again) start re-writing code to fit with another new technology.

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