Google +1 rolled out on Display Network

From Monday, the +1 button began to roll out on Google’s Display Network across the UK on both desktop and mobile and should be visible shortly.


The +1 button was rolled out in the end of June this year and has been successful so far on the Google search network, with the idea being that the person pressing the +1 button suggests an ad’s landing page to their contacts in the same way as the Facebook ‘Like’ does.

+1 example

Since the introduction of the +1 button on the Search network and organic listings, it has been installed on over a million websites across the web.  The +1 button and annotations appearing on display ads will give them a much more personal feel, making people more likely to click on an ad their friends and contacts have suggested.

+1 GDN

The display ad being +1’d by someone will now make it more relevant on the Google display network to the contacts of the person who +1’d it, which is in addition to targeting content and any page exceptions will still be included. Relevance will also be affected by +1’s on websites, search results and search ads.

Although the +1 button can be opted out of, it seems a good idea to make more relevant ads successful.



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