Google Add Conversion Query Paths

Google have launched a new feature within Analytics, added to the Top Paths report; the Query Path.

If you’re using Broad match keywords in your Adwords campaign, you’re search term is likely to be matched to a variety of search phrases users are looking for. You can already see Keyword Paths within Search Funnels, and now you can see Query Paths as well. This allows you to see the actual keywords that your keywords were matched to.

From the Conversions menu, select Top Paths:

From the Dimension drop down menu, you can select Query Path to view the actual queries that were matched to your ads and clicked on prior to a conversion:

This data gives us even more insight into the searches users are making before they find and then purchase on our clients websites. This information allows us to better target users by seeing how they can find the clients website, convert or assist in the conversion path.

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