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Google has recently added a fancy-looking unit converter to the top of their search results pages. Users can now quickly convert several units without having to leave Google, which is triggered by searches for many types of conversion.

All that is required is to search Google for the following or similar queries:

12 inches into cm
10 stone into lbs

The units and figures can be changed manually or in the URL itself. This new feature from Google supports all of the common units; temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption and time… as well as digital storage.

So when my friend in the USA tells me the temperature is currently 72 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny over there I can quickly convert that into Celsius and cry a little inside as the temperature is only 13 degrees Celsius here right now…

Google Unit Converter

Credit to Andy for notifying me of this. He’s worth a follow on Twitter.