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After plenty of shouting from Adwords advertisers, the Google Adwords search query reports have had a recent face lift and now display all search queries that trigger your ads and the initial results and applications of this are extremely positive indeed.

Previously, advertisers could only see a selection of actual queries rather than a comprehensive list and Receptional have already managed to turn this information into tangible results for one of our clients.

By using this data we have managed to increase conversion rates for self storage related keywords by over 180% to Henfield Hire, which can be directly attributed to filtering out unwanted clicks that were identified by the full search query report.

Analysing the data can be quite labor intensive, but this is time well invested and can have a dramatic impact on campaign performance.  Not only can it make your campaign more profitable, but it shows the true value of all of the terms in the account, without the unwanted clicks clouding the picture.

Now these reports are available we suggest dedicating account management time to analyse the data and build up a comprehensive list of negative terms to add to your campaigns and hopefully you will start to see an immediate impact on traffic quality and your conversion rate.

The report is available via the report centre in your account and if you click on the report tab and select Search Query Report


The next step is to change the settings to include the time period and the campaigns you wish to interrogate

Rather than a one off exercise we suggest scheduling these reports on a regular basis so you can keep a close eye on click quality, which will continue to improve the return on your advertising spend.

Following on from our analysis we were able to save Henfield Hire a significant amount of their monthly PPC budget whilst retaining visitor quality and making them happy!

Wow! You have justified your management fees for the next year!”

Andrew Crossley, Director, Henfield Hire & Storage