Google Adwords Top Spending Advertisers Revealed

AdAge has obtained an internal Google document revealing Adwords advertising spend for the first half of 2010.

A total of $574 million has been spent, with AT&T being Google’s largest Adwords customer in June this year. Here are some revealing charts stolen from AdAge:

AT&T Mobility spent over $8 million alone in June, Apollo Group over $b million, Expedia almost $6 million, Amazon $5.85 million, eBay $4.25 million and BP $3.59 million during their oil spill. I wonder how much attention was paid to Search Query Reports!

AdAge revealed that BP’s competitor, Exxon Mobile did not do enough to take advantage of their competitor’s troubles during the oil spillage, only spending a mere $43,000 on ads during June.

The original source can be found here.

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