Google Announces Chome Operating System

Around 9 months ago Google launched Chrome, their browser akin to Firefox & Internet Explorer. Chrome hasn’t yet taken over the world of search but has seen some success in becoming people’s browser of choice which is no mean feat considering the saturation of IE and Mozilla.

On Tuesday 7th of July, they announced the Google Chrome Operating System. This will be Google’s interpretation of what an operating system should be and will run in the way which they believe operating systems should.

This OS will be open source and aimed exclusively at netbooks, initially at least.  The prime use or selling point of this OS ahead of others is that it is mostly for using the internet. It promises to speed up and simplify getting online. This is great for anyone who uses their computer solely for surfing the net but these proposed improvements come at the cost of other facilities which we take for granted on other OS (when I say other OS I essentially mean Windows.) such as playing games or writing/ book keeping etc.

The success of this OS may come down to what users value more, speed and access to the net and their emails etc or the all round usability of current operating systems. I believe that Google’s Chrome OS is likely to be very, very good at what it’s designed to do but I question whether what it’s designed to do is enough to convert people away from what they’re used to working with.

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