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Google’s latest social platform released today is, the acronym for “What Do you Love?”

Essentially, this is a collection of Google’s tools thrown into one.

Here’s the lowdown of their latest social works:

There’s no need to log in, in fact there’s no place to log in.  Simply search for anything you “love” from their homepage and you’ll see a similar set of results as me:


For the record, I do not live in, nor does Google usually believe I am located in the USA.  But apparently, there are no cheesecakes in or around London, United Kingdom and that I should visit Texas to pick up one.  Nice one Google.

As well as Google Maps, WDYL has integrated its YouTube, SketchUp, Blog Search, Calendar, Patent Search, Books, Picasa, Translate, Earth, Image Search, Voice, Mobile, Trends, Gmail, News, Groups, Moderator, Alerts, Product Search products, and even a cheeky link to download Chrome thrown in.  That’s a lot of tools in one location!

Product Search appears not to be integrated effectively:

Buy all kinds of shoes stuff

Exploring a chicken in 3D using Google Patent Search may get under the skin of those animal cruelty activists ;)


Explore Chicken in 3D


Dead Chicken in 3D

Google perhaps not a fan of chicken?

I do however like Google’s enthusiasm for getting me to setup a date with Angelina Jolie in the next 2 hours:

Date with Angelina Jolie

I’ll do my best to turn up on time!

The share button is also of interest, with Google’s attempt to be the ‘cool’ kid with the following message automatically setup as follows:

This is awesomely awesome, Gmail

Nice one Google.

I think I will be passing on WDYL personally, but thanks Google for putting all of those tools I do not use into one place…