Google Maps may be banned in Germany over Microsoft patent infringement

It is possible that Google Maps may be banned in Germany as a result of a patent infringement lawsuit that is underway at a regional court in Munich, Germany.

Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann of the Munich I Regional Court today informed Google that he is inclined to hold Google Inc. and its subsidiary Motorola Mobility LLC liable for infringing a Microsoft patent on a “computer system for identifying local resources and method therefor”.

Microsoft is seeking to obtain a German patent injunction against Google’s Maps service and Android app.  Should Microsoft prevail, Google would be required to disable access to Google Maps from computers using a German IP address and discontinue the Android app on the German market.

The case is a Microsoft countersuit against Google’s Motorola subsidiary which has filed four lawsuits against Microsoft in Germany previously.

A final decision is expected in May.

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  1. This lawsuit between these two very high profile digital tycoons reminds me of another tycoon brawl:

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