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Google has released a new reverse image search tool to their collection.

Google is using a similar technology to TinEye, in that you can upload images into Google’s search bar, and Google will do its best to match the image to content.

To test the new tool, I added my Twitter profile photo and this was the result:

Barrie Smith Google Reverse Image Search

Google has only managed to work out that my photo is used on LinkedIn, and not other profiles such as my Receptional, Twitter profiles etc.

However, the Visually Similar Images made me go red in the face:

Visually Similar Images to Barrie Smith

Once I got past the egotistical stage of my search and gave something else a try, the results were better:

Derby County Reverse Image Search

Google has identified that I uploaded Derby County FC’s crest and has given me similar results to which I would have seen if I had searched Google for "Derby County". is higher in these results however, and there are obviously several images results appearing, whilst there are no news results.

Using this new feature is straightforward; simply go to and drag an image from your computer into the search bar.  You can also use an upload or URL of an image already on the web. Cool eh?