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Google Webmaster Tools will now display the number of your website pages currently included in Google’s index. The ‘Index Status’, which can be found under the Health menu, highlights the number of indexed pages over the past 12 months.

Google Webmaster Tools Index Status Basic

The steadily increasing number of indexed pages in the graph above tells us that our new content is being discovered, crawled and indexed by Google.

As well as that, Google have created an Advanced tab, showing the cumulative number of pages crawled, the number of uncrawled results and the number of pages blocked by robots.txt, alongside the total number of indexed pages.

Google Webmaster Tools Index Status Advanced

In the example above, Google has crawled 4,441 pages.  521 we have told Google not to index, which still means they have chosen not to select 35% of our pages for the index – the only downside being that currently Webmaster Tools does not allow you to see which pages these are.

The total number of pages crawled is an aggregate over time.  Our example shows 5,501 URLs have been crawled (despite only 4,441 being considered for indexing).  What’s happened to the other 1,060?  Well, this includes a number of 404s, as well as other junk added up over a long period of time.

Ultimately, it shouldn’t be worth worrying about when you could better spend your time by finding out which pages have not been considered for indexing and taking action on them.