Google Offers Free Voice Calls in the USA

Google Voice + Google Mail = Free Voice Calls.

Google’s latest service will take on internet telephone companies such as Skype by allowing its users to call free from its email service.

This latest service in Google’s arsenal allows users in to make calls to landlines and mobiles alike from within their Google mail (Gmail) account.

Phoning anywhere across the United States and Canada is now free until the end of the year. Users in the UK, France, Germany and China can use this service for 2 cents a minute. Previously, Google offered a computer-to-computer voice and video chat service.

The product link appears on the left hand menu of your Gmail page within a “Chat” window. Once clicked, a “Call” number pad window pops up with you to type the selected number of the person you want to talk to.

Google said that money raised from international calls will fund the free USA and Canada calls.
Skype, the most successful internet phone company to date, claims to have over 560 million registered users now faces stiff competition from the leading internet search engine. One advantage Skype currently has over Google’s new service is the ability to use its service on your mobile phone.

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