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Yesterday, news emerged of Google’s latest acquisition – Fridge.


Fridge was a great, simple group management app that allowed users to curate their own groups share information, photos, videos, and chat (think Facebook groups that allow greater content and calendar sharing).

It would appear to be more of a talent acquisition rather than that of software, as half of the team at Fridge are transferring to Google’s California offices.

Google+’s circles, one of the best things going for the new-born social network, are limited in that unlike Facebook, there is no way to mutually curate a circle. So there’s no way to have private group conversations, or share content, without each member individually creating exactly the same circles. Even then content, dates, etc. would still be lost in the general news feed.

One of Google’s previous products, Google Buzz, got half way there, but missed the mark. Let’s hope Google+ can get it right, and their latest acquisition hits the mark!